Protect Yourself from Current Webmaster Spam

I have seen a recent spam, which is currently very much active. You need to be aware of the fact and don’t share your critical information. This spam is not general; it is targeted to the Webmaster community.

I have not yet understood the reason to do this kind of spam.

What is All About
The current Webmaster spam is about making you a high daily income from your available resources. It means that whatever affiliate or CPM network you are signed with that only.

The spammer associated with it promises you to make a high daily income in hundreds of dollars with your existing income source.

Spam Begins: As the spammer claims of making you high daily income but for it you have to share your login id and password of the affiliate or CPM networks.

To look everything real – spammer also wants you to share 50% of the revenue generated by his methods.

Don’t Fall Prey
Flush your thoughts and make your senses work – this spammer is asking for your login id and password and once you have provided everything is finished. Your password will be changed and so will be the every information present in your account.

Therefore, if you have seen anything like this – immediately stop.