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Webmasters and Internet geeks are always on a hunt to find the SEO related information – either for their site or their competitors’ site. You must have used various kinds of tools to find the correct SEO information.

But with addon to your firefox this is a way simple job to perform. You could check every statistics of the page and website with just a click and also, you don’t have to visit any website for it. You will have information right on your firefox browser.

Firefox Addon SEO Doctor
This is just fantastic addon for the firefox and does the exact work. SEO doctor displays the stats related to the page you have visited.

Install from Here

Upon Installation
When you have installed this plugin, then go to any website and see the left-bottom bar of your firefox browser – you will see a flag and when you click on it – the application opens up.

Displaying you the stats related to the page.

SEO Doctor Displays
Various stats related to the website like:

  1. It points out any potential problems and assigns a score to the pages based on recent accepted SEO methodology.
  2. It also shows link structure of website and helps track page rank flow.
  3. It displays potential warning messages – if pages are not search engine friendly.
  4. One-click access to most popular SEO tools allows you to additionally inspect a site.

It is based on the Google Webmaster guidelines and displays the comprehensive information instantly.

I would surely recommend all of the SEO masters and Webmasters to install this addon and see yourself – how this tool helps you in the optimization.

Install SEO Doctor For Firefox

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