SEO Friendly URLs Needed or Not

You have always tried to be search engine friendly – whether it’s your content or the URL structure. With SEO friendly URLs I mean you always tend to shed the URLs containing the PHP codes at end and replace it with HTML extension – this is what URL rewrite means.

I also have implemented the same with my blog and website structure – mostly people with blogs and e-commerce websites do this type of URL rewriting – in order to impress the search engines – with not only the content in their website – but in a verge to attract the search bots.

With all implementing such structure – can this be true to attract search bots – because I do believe that it is not always right – if it has been continuing with all – as sometimes things can be little different too.

Today I got a google webmaster email about the post – they published on their blog – it pointed to some GoogleStore – I had not seen this store before.

I just clicked on the link to see that what is showcasing on it – but when I looked at the URL structure I was almost shocked to see that GoogleStore is having the PHP codes at the end of the URL – the same which we all shed and replace it with clean HTML codes.

Now, when google is using such codes – this truly means that we all were doing no good – if we were rewriting URLs to attract search bots.

I have to see more regarding this – that what has been happening at this end – will update about this shortly.

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