The Day 20 April

This might be a normal day for everyone else but people who know me it’s a real special day – and I have been quietly and silently celebrating this day – to be precise myself only.

There is a long-long story behind this date but that I think is too personal to mention it here but to give everyone an Idea – what this date means to me.

20 April
This is the birth date of a very-very special friend of mine – I hope everyone understand what “very-very special” means. Of course she is female friend.

But the tragic is we have not met since 2002 so it has been long since we have met – but I still remember her and her birth date and every detail to which we have spoken almost 7+ years ago.

I would not mention her name because I don’t know where she is – I have not found any contacts of her or not of her friend’s also – I have searched all over Internet – therefore I will not mention her name – may be she is married and I don’t want that she should be in problem for this.

But If
I was thinking of making a blog post ever since I started blogging but could not write for may be some reasons – but I continue to post on the city websites – birthday message in a hope that she will read.

May be I am too late – but I will not stop trying till the last breath – I could write this post forever without concluding it – but that is not my aim.

If you are reading it – I would like to wish you “A Very Happy Birthday”

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