Theme on Your Google Page

It was not way back when the simplest thing on the web was Google and its still now on the design. The design of Google home page is I think the simplest on the web. Since, the web is moving more towards themes courtesy: wordpress. As wordpress arrived it gives the themes to the next level.

New in Google
So, in accordance with that Google is also now providing themes for its home page. You must have heard about iGoogle. The custom home page that you decide which contents you want to view and also the location where you want to view the content.

For this you must have a Google basic account. You visit the iGoogle page and select the theme, which you like the most.

Google is offering themes from some of the famous artist around the world, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Betsey Johnson, Gucci etc. These are some of the nicest theme to be embedded on your home page of iGoogle.

Themes are just perfect for any mood and any age. Google knows the best, what to offer and what to not.

Reason of Customization
Simple reason that I could make out that why Google is offering these customizations is because they want that user should feel like its own.


As the competition is growing in ever section of World Wide Web and the nature of iGoogle kind is pretty popular now a days and many other websites are offering the same kind of service. So, to offer something better and different to user I think it’s the nice way.

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