Thinking of Adding Funny Videos

I was really stressed out yesterday – as nothing was working right for me anywhere – even clients were not responding and those who I did not wanted to respond to they were mailing me.

So, when I am too stressed out I watch TV or videos to relax – this is my stress buster – therefore, yesterday I was watching some of the funny videos on net – some on YouTube and some on other sites – the videos were quite funny.

And within 10mins I was relaxed and away from the stress – an idea immediately came to my mind – why should I not share those videos with you people.

See, obviously I know this is make money blog related to webmasters only – but an idea of relaxation is always good. Why not have some funny moments between the quests for being the greatest Webmaster in the world.

I am still looking for a good source so that I can frequently add funny videos here and something it is obvious that you are not in a mood to read but to watch something interesting so keeping that in mind – you will have a depth on this blog – catering all sorts of users.

Rest is up to you – my blog visitors – to like the content or not – do let me know your view if you have anything to say.

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