Want to Declare An Important Issue

There is something abuse going around my site and it’s very abusing. A person who has acquired an .org domain of infogle has started something that’s very fishy.

The problem is that people literally misunderstanding that I am of Infogle.com in someway linked to this .org person. I am getting emails these days from the customers that whether I am linked to this person for not.

So here is my declaration that I am not at all linked to the .org part of Infogle. The person who has done this does not belongs to infogle.com in any way and if he claims that he is a part of infogle.com then he is lying.

After all this stuff I myself have Googled about the person and his .org domain and found that many people have claimed that this person has cheated them. A recent link I found was this.

He is having some fraud offline and online computer work and as he is cashing out the name of Infogle.com.

So if any one dealing with this person should take care of this that I say it once again he is not a part of infogle.com in any way.

If you notice some reports claiming that this person has cheated, my humble request is that please comment on this post and provide the link where you have found the claim information.

I hope this post will clarify doubts if any of the users were having. Thanks for spending time and reading my declaration.

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