Way to Protect Your Blog and Advertisements

Advertisements are the lifeline for any blog – or any content network. But some people always try to play with bloggers / webmasters – lifeline.

Some people use adblock plugin to block the advertisements on the website and when they do block the advertisements – bloggers / webmasters have to suffer with the income. But now you can implement a simple solution.

Anti-Adblock is the Solution
Bloggers and content networks needed some solution as advertisements not only constitute towards income – but also boost the moral of bloggers.

You must have seen the page views increasing but it is not reflecting in your advertisements – this is because of adblock plugin.

But now, you can do the same to the user who has installed on the computer – its like TIT for TAT. This plugin is simply excellent – and works out clean – with this plugin installed on your wordpress – when the person who has installed the adblocking plugin visits your website – user will first see your website for some seconds and after that a nice banner will be displayed with the notification and then he cannot view your content unless user disables the adblocking plugin.

You can customize the content of notification. Also, there are few options with the plugin, which you can enable or disable according to your wish. This is simply the best plugin to have in your wordpress. This is by far the easiest of ways to protect your advertisement income.

You can download this plugin from: Anti-Adblock Pluign

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