Whopping Fee Structure for Sitepoint

Recent change to sitepoint listings is greatly affecting the internet buying and selling websites. If you know about sitepoint then you must be knowing about the marketplace of sitepoint. It is one of the premium and most trusted webmaster marketplace and people do buy a lot of websites from it and so does the sellers of the websites.

But now I think due to a recent change in sitepoint marketplace its getting tougher for anyone who were thinking to make some money by listing there website for sale – or even if you were the one who does list website or was thinking of listing a website for sale at $199 or $299 believe me – sitepoint is no longer your place to do so.

Whopping Fees
Sitepoint fee structure changes as they shifted the marketplace to new destination that’s flippa.com – just a glimpse of their fee structure – that how much you will be affected by it:

If you put a site for sale at $299:
Sitepoint listing fees: $19
Upon site selling: 5% of the amount at which site sells.
If you receive payment by paypal then another: $20 (approx gone in paypal fees)
Effective price of site you will get: $245.05

The effective price if your site sells at first go – and if its not – then just deduct $19 more from the total.

No Categorization
Previously sitepoint marketplace was easy to go with – if you have startup website you would have been charged less but with the current changes – they are charging flat to all. Looking at the current market scenario when there is a liquidity crunch all over – people don’t have enough money to sustain for their business then also they are charging so heavily.

May be they listen
The purpose of this post is to throw some light on their decision of keeping such a fee structure – we all love sitepoint marketplace as you can get value of your services but keeping this structure it would be difficult for many users to cope with the pricing.

May sitepoint administration read this post and do something for pricing and keep up the buyer and seller spirits high.

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