Yahoo Became Touch Sensitive

If you are a fan of Apple iPhone or touch screen phones – then you will really enjoy the Yahoo’s new home page design.

The new home page design is so sensitive just like the touch sensitive screen. Though Yahoo did implemented the new page design while some time ago – but I was the one who was clicking on the link at the bottom to view the classic home page design.

But now that option is erased and no option of second home page is left – so now have to new touch sensitive page.

Why I am calling It Touch Sensitive
If you have visited the Yahoo new home page you would have found that if cursor is hover over any option that section highlights and opens up.

This may be enjoyable for some – but I am really annoyed with this – if accidentally the mouse cursor hovers the option then also that option highlights.

Yahoo should alter this and make the options viewable only with a single click.

Do you feel that Yahoo home page needs to be less sensitive?

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