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Today the post I am writing about a friend of mine who really enjoys being on web and as well enjoys his earning. AmitBhawani from he is just as good as you can think of a person can be. The most important I am writing this post for about his blog.

You can enjoy
“The pleasure is all mine” this is the first phrase you will say when you read his blog. He writes really well and manages the content very well in different categories of his blog that it’s almost have a feeling of pleasure to read his posts.

About the Stuff
The guy is really helping the Internet community. He includes in his blog about the stuff that you can think. Don’t believe me! Just think about a word and it’s included on his blog. If you just thought about “Digital Camera” yes he has an update for that and if you thought about how to install certain things so, he also have a “how to” category where he normally writes the stuff that is searched mostly on the internet.

Just a sec I can read your mind now, you are thinking that I am praising too much, is it so? I think no and probably if you were thinking that would you find laptop reviews then surely you can switch to his blog.

Normally Writes
AmitBhawani is simple in writing and usually picks up the easiest of words to write post in his blog. This is quite essential that you write in simple English if you are targeting the audience from all over the world.

Looking at his blog will give you an impression that he is writing the stuff just for all. Whether you are a beginner on Internet and like to learn small things related to your work then this blog could help you in every way.

Amit also has a feature in his blog to help extra than his posts. The section is called as “Ask AmitBhawani”; using this feature you can directly interact with him and ask him questions, which you do not find appropriate answers.

I think this is a nice feature added in his blog to directly interact with the users of his blog. So, you can note some of the things from this also that if you want a direct interaction with your blog users you can have some “Ask me” kind of stuff.

So well he shapes his blog that you can learn from the posts as well as from the blog structure that how to shape a blog to make it a better place.

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