Blogsy – True Blogging App for iPad

If you are addicted to blogging or want to update any important blog post – and you are not in front of your computer – but you are having an iPad – so this app will make your work easy.

How it Works
Blogsy is the blogging app for iPad and it stands true for its name – it smartly replaces the blogging backend (admin) part for your iPad and makes it more suitable for typing and editing, with some of the explicit features.

Blogsy works on drag and drop feature which is specifically designed for iPad – making blogging an easy task. The most important feature of blogging is to give tags to your text that is – formatting your text and blogsy make is very simply with one touch.

It has features of drag and drop – you can add pictures from Picasa – Flicker etc – with one click.

It also gives you freedom to add the videos from YouTube.


Though there are many blogging tools available but this one works perfect for iPad as it serves all the possible features needed for blogging.

Blogsy supports both the leading platforms – blogger and wordpress.

This app is priced at $4.99. Download Blogsy App

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