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Reviews play an important role in deciding the reputation and competition of one product or service to other. You must have visited or book marked several websites that provide reviews of various kinds.

This is the perfect website to watch all the reading and reviews at one place. Let me elaborate; you must be checking alexa ranking, Google page rank, compete ranking and links information of a particular site on various places.

Now with TalkReviews you don’t have to worry about searching individual ranking of the pages. With this website you can view the complete information at one place.

What Covers
As I said that it covers a variety of ranking options. So just to summarize what options they covers:

  1. Alexa Rank
  2. Google Page Rank
  3. Link information (out bound and inbound links)
  4. Related domain information
  5. Compete ranking

And overall ranking of a particular website in the particular category. Also TalkReviews features the Top Websites in overall and they have the category system to have an instant look for a particular website.

Most Liked Feature
TalkReviews have embedded the user review option for every website. This is the feature that you will not find in most of websites, which give out the ranking information. Its unique and I personally like this feature.

As somebody search the ranking information of some website he will also be presented with the user review and this will help in better understanding of the website. You can also at the same time contribute to the reviews about any website just Write a Website Review

Therefore, if you are looking for a feature packed ranking information of any website do have a look at

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