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It has always been a big query for every Webmaster whether a pro or just a beginner to get the best of the online services. Most of the webmasters who come online after taking on some inspiration from any one for earning usually fall in no-way line because of there hosting and domain services.

I have personally discovered a company who are the best and follow the words that they say; also they have the superb online support service to solve any of their customer problems.

I am talking about located in Bangalore India.

Abdul Vasi owns the company and they are lead by a real professional staff, which matches appropriately with the customer use. I said this because most of the personal hosting or a reseller-hosting provider does not know all about the technical required, and this is where customer problem starts. provides the Linux and windows with both the option reseller services are promised. For the Indian users to get a service like this is a real gesture because I have found that no company with this much potential is providing the hosting account on monthly basis.

Also they do have other modes of payment to cater the outside India clients too and most favorite paypal is always supported with them. Hosting accounts are created almost instantly. The service that attracted me to write this review is about their customer service and their uptime. can really manage to get more than 99.9% uptime on both the service. I mean the uptime of 99.5% or 99% is also good if you get accurate and timely reply from your hosting provider. User problem much excruciates when the hosting provider does not respond to the simple and easy queries. You really feel like ignored or have no value. But I can assure you all with my experience with that they are really helpful people and they care for all.

The most rewarded part is domains from the you can sign up for a free customer account and start registering your domains under them and the price is competitive too.

Even has reseller domain services. Where you can get really good pricing so that you can get some profit if you resell it.

This is not all if you want to speak to them with their sales you can have a toll free number (applicable to India only). I doubt you will ever need it because there is always someone in online support to assist you. The technical support is also quick the query is submitted and you get a confirmation of query submitted, hence getting an assurance too that it will be solved soon.

Better customer service, nearly 100% uptime, and great prices – One cannot ask for more.

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