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Online Video Conferencing another Internet gift to the world to make the life easy. Video Conferencing has now been more than technology its need now. Video conferencing does help you in many ways, so now it has been part of our daily business routine. The part we all lack is we do not have right online video conferencing equipment, not to worry here is company who has a solution for this.

About Company
The company I am talking here is LifeSize. LifeSize was founded in 2003 and based in Austin, Texas. The products of LifeSize developed with the utmost quality, simplicity, connectivity, and manageability in mind.

They have over 100 partners located in 30 countries. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the sales and support because they are delivered to you at very affordable costs.

LifeSize has a wide range of products covering from Video, Audio, Infrastructure, Management, and Accessories.

Featured Product
LifeSize Room is the featured from the company. The product is very rich in features. Listed below are some:

  • Six Participants can connect.
  • Video clips and other multimedia are exchanged.
  • All standards based video communication systems.
  • High Definition Video and Audio.

LifeSize delivers the complete range of high-definition video communication products as per the industry. LifeSize believes that high-definition is the key to an authentic, realistic and immersive telepresence experience. See how LifeSize can help you travel less, do more and be present.

  • Telepresence Solutions
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Education Solutions
  • Public Sector Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Environmental Solutions

Therefore, LifeSize can help you in various ways and helps you deliver the best of you in the online videoconferences.

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