Rating the Web Hosting Companies

Reviews as you might know play a very important role. People don’t buy or opt for till they don’t read reviews or testimonials.

As Internet is growing and more people are subscribing for hosting services. This is the reason that reviews play a deep role when it comes to choosing a web hosting company. People read reviews and then only they decide to subscribe for a particular subscription.

About Web Hosting Rating
The most resourceful site I have ever seen for the web hosting reviews. Site is beautifully designed and its very easy and user friendly to navigate through the links. The site is not sponsored and it gives the independent customer rating of the hosting companies.

Web Hosting Rating has all the needed stuff included such as on the home page they are providing the top 10 web hosts according to the ratings provided by individual users. Not only the ratings but the site also has included different kinds of hosting services.

Like, you can get the reviews of Unix, Windows, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, Collocation, managed hosting. Also you can find the host rating according to the yearly awards.

The most resourceful feature that I understand and have not seen on any hosting review sites is you can get to read the reviews categorized according to the CMS, which the host is providing. Why I am saying it is important because every user who subscribe for any hosting services wants to have CMS according to their needs, so this particular feature can help those users to view the best web hosts that can cater their CMS demands.

Web Hosting Rating has a simple but effective directory, which lists the new hosting providers. Another exciting addition is the articles section that gives the nice outlook for hosting and various know-how of hosting services, which I think is essential for any user at any level.

The site not only works on its own for data collection of new hosting providers but it also has the submit host by which you can submit any web hosting company information or if you also have hosting company and you think you are not rated then use this.

All in all I can say that you can use this web hosting rating review site for getting good amount of information regarding web-hosting companies.

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