The Clickbank Code – Explanation – Review

The brand-new product developed by Michael Jones. From which he made $48000 in the first 4 weeks. The Clickbank Code is not about reading – its all about videos – you will be taught with the help of videos and how you can use the exact same method to generate the same amount of revenue.

The Clickbank Code consists of 28 videos – which combine to 5hrs of video play and in which you are shown through easy steps – that what is exactly needed while making a consistent and quick Clickbank income. You will be amazed to know that with this exact system Michael made $10000+ in his very first week with Clickbank.

Michael also highlights that the detailed explanation in this course has never ever been discussed before and don’t forget that this is the exact same method which helped Michael to make a big income with Clickbank.

Profit Making
The course, which you will get through this – works instantly and there are lots of secret methods behind it that course teaches you so that you can excel from others and start making money from clickbank products – it also helps you in finding the best and most sellable products available in clickbank.

  1. What are the two necessary things to watch out for when you are promoting any clickbank product?
  2. Why keywords should be used with fewer words?
  3. What 16 things are needed for getting cheap organic clicks for the website?
  4. How to make again – if you are de-listed and how to avoid if you are not till now?

These all questions will be answered and you will be explained everything in detail in the videos that you will be getting with this course. Following are the modules, which this course contains and you will be getting when you subscribe for The Clickbank Code.

Module 1: This provides the basic Clickbank and affiliate marketing knowledge for new affiliates.

Video 1: General introduction to Clickbank Code
Video 2: Introduction to Clickbank
Video 3: The 3 most important steps for affiliate marketers
Video 4: Explanation of affiliate marketing terms and lingo
Video 5: Introduction to the Clickbank products selection process
Video 6: Choosing winning products, intro to keyword research

Module 2: About how to perform keyword research

Video 1: Performing keyword research
Video 2: Keyword analysis and selection

Module 3: Shows you how to create a website

Video 1: Overview of website creation process
Video 2: Choosing and registering a domain
Video 3: Choosing a hosting service
Video 4: Landing page creation
Video 5: Website landscape
Video 6: Testing your site

Module 4: Teaches about AdWords

Video 1: Overview of AdWords
Video 2: Knowing when to cut your losses
Video 3: Finding your winners and maximizing profit
Video 4: Solutions for common AdWords problems

Module 5: Contains information on article marketing

Video 1: Overview of article marketing
Video 2: Article research
Video 3: Writing tips
Video 4: Promoting your article

Module 6: You learn how to get free traffic

Video 1: Overview of module
Video 2: Comparison of SEO & PPC
Video 3: Benefits of merging SEO & PPC
Video 4: Finding related forums
Video 5: Forum marketing
Video 6: Effective forum marketing

This is the system, which can easily transform you on the right path of making money through Clickbank.

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