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Blog has become the premium choice for the advertisers to advertise their products though most of the blogs advertise through the affiliate programs as advertisers also approve them instantly depending on the niche they want too.
The case is different for those who take on direct advertisements and not by and affiliate program they too get higher rates depending on the blogs performance.
Take my word if you want to take direct advertisements on your blog then best that matter is alexa rank. Also to consider is about the placement because the placement is though important part of the advertisement. You can also consider this part when you are asking for an advertisement or applying to the advertisers via affiliate program.
How to actually place the advertisements:
Most of the blog guides will tell you that place your advertisements on the right side, but you know this hardly matters that you place your advertisements on right or left side.
The only thing that matter is to shuffle your advertisements. Shuffling does not mean that you have to shift right to left side. No, just shuffle your advertisements like I have mentioned below for example:

Ads Placement

What change this will bring:
The advertisement shuffling makes user to feel that there is some thing new happening every time he visits the page or blog. So, this will bring more interest to the user to actually look at the changes.
Bloggers who uses contextual advertisements they probably don’t have to worry much as the ads will automatically match the content. There is again a tip for adsense users, adsense publishers should choose multiple color palettes, and this will also have the same affect as I have told about shuffling the banner advertisements above.
The key is you need to have a refreshing content as well as advertisements on you blog as these two when combine properly will give you the most that you have always desired for.

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