Analysis of rise in Live and fall in Google

Current rise in the traffic of is a result to Yahoo-Microsoft deal? If this is the case then it’s the alarming signals for Google and its search policies.

The rise in traffic is always user depended so can it be feeling like a percentage of user avoided the Google search and preferred the live search.

The downfall in Google ranking be of some other kind of users because Webmaster still believe in Google search and most the webmasters users all the Webmaster and search services of Google only.

Though live search has also started some of the Webmaster services and tools and want to shift interest of the user to them, but I think it would be hard enough to actually make a Webmaster shift from Google search. Though you can penetrate the normal or general users mind.

As every webmaster actually works with the Google policies and it will be hard for a webmaster to reconfigure all his services with the new search policies of live search or yahoo search.

Yahoo Microsoft Google

The most interesting feature of Google search, which is still lacking in yahoo and live search is the timing of crawl. I mean to say, as I writes anything on blog within minutes you can see that in Google search but if I try same for the yahoo and live it does not even now also some portions of my blog is not crawled by yahoo and live.

Now, the point of concern is if they can’t crawl quick then they are of no use, because what makes a search engines the ability to search quick and new information every time a user searches. But if the user comes today, or day after if he gets the same information I don’t think this would be ever interesting to any kind of user, whether he is a normal, just pass timer or a Webmaster.

This rise of live search traffic ranking may could only lead to the conclusion that the rise is temporary and news dependent and there is nothing as such going on which could be off profit to the user as compare to the Google updates which almost happens instantly.

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