Apology and Promise

First of all take my apology for not writing consistently last week (for 3days). As I was busy in some server and site issue. I know my blog has witnessed some serious setback as per user visit and reading ratio as there were not many posts to read on.

This happened just first time with me since I have started writing on this blog on consistent basis. This was not the case that I just ignored my blog. I think now I have reached that stage where if I don’t write something on my blog it seems like I have missed something for the day.

As the blog was not updated so was the free ebooks also which I promised everyone that a free ebook would be given everyday. I know how much people have missed this source and this was nearly catching up a viral technique, but a sudden stop from my side made it all worse for my blog.


My Promise
I have been through all the difficulty this week and hope to not get this from next time and also take a word from my side. Till this world is alive and so does I am, I will not leave any day in my rest of life to write the post for this blog.

So, now enough of me, how you all have been doing last week and just for the general information you can see the new ebook already placed “Golden Rules of Making Money” for free download. Promise of Happy Reading!

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