Are You Actually Listening?

Since the day I have started writing on consistent basis on this blog, I have found much that bloggers don’t like to follow someone suggestions. Not tempting anyone but this happens in most of the cases.

I have seen many bloggers they don’t listen to what is said about their blogs. In many cases when people post in Webmaster forums, to review their blogs. Other users give a review about the blog, but this does not make any sense in other words they are just creating a buzz for their blogs and not actually trying to figure out what is good or bad.

I am not saying that creating a buzz is wrong but if you are asking for a review and not following the critics about your blog, then why you are asking for the review?

Not Following Only Commenting
Also this has been tendency for many bloggers that if they see a high traffic blog or a good PR blog they comment on it. But they actually don’t implement the same in their blogs. I mean to say what is said in the post they agree to that and also comment that the post is good and in favor of good blog health, but they don’t tend to use this for their blogs.


Blog is About
I don’t think that this will help in any case as I think the blog is all about just sharing your information and following the information what other trying to pretend to you.

Also not think that I am saying to follow blindly as I have also said who is helping you. So, you have to be your critic first and try to figure out what is needed for your blogs to get success.

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