Blog Comments and Backlinks – How They Work

Though Pagerank has been disabled in Google Webmaster tool but getting backlinks though necessary to increase the search engine ranking. People are trying vague ways to get the backlinks and spending much money on this.

But there is a simple way to get backlinks and that also quickly and this will count well and will reflect quickly and not only generate backlinks; will also generate traffic on an instant way.

Simple Backlink Method
Commenting on blogs is the simplest method to generate backlinks and usually these comments are approved quickly and because of the quick crawling of blogs and blog post – the comments are quickly visible in search engines and when the comments are visible in search engine that means it has been crawled and the crawled information is quickly counted as backlinks.

To keep the information right and generate right backlinks – don’t just post comments on any blog – post comments of the related niche based blog. Also, to keep in mind that you post comments on the popular blogs to get quick backlinks.

Just a trick, which I have followed and got the positive results – if you are posting comments for backlinks then do post in blogspot blogs also and see the changes.

Backlink and Knowledge
I rate this comment placing on blogs two way profit as you place comments – you also read the blog post and this way you get to gain some extra knowledge which you might be missing or not thought off.

So, comment placement on blogs is very useful. Try this for backlinks as you have nothing to lose.

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