Credit Card Fraud Irresponsibility of the Owner

Shopping Online or Offline, Credit Card Fraud is increasing in huge numbers these days. As the plastic money takes its course during these years the after-effects are also rising.

Have you ever thought that why these types of credit card fraud taking place? I can clearly draw some points, which can lead to conclusion that these kinds of frauds are taking place due to the irresponsibility of the credit card owner.

How I explain: When you go out to the dinner at some restaurant/café you give out your credit card while sitting on your table. Now this can create a fraud. As how much responsible is the owner of the restaurant/café but you can’t know how the staff reacts. As a magnetic card reader can easily be used for a second and make a clone of your card.

Now how does this magnetic card reader works? Simple as you swipe in the vendor machine it’s the same way.

Now how to protect from these types of fraud because it’s not possible every time to go at the billing desk, so you can easily use your Debit Card for this purpose and you can be protected.

At par with this you can also apply these while trading online with your credit card. You can look for SSL certificates for the sites, which you are shopping in. That’s not a hectic process at all to trade with the leading sites or responsible sites. Rather try to look at the gateway they are using, as many are trusted now a day. Just look for this in your address bar when you fill in your credit card information: “https://” as this is the sign of SSL (Secured Server Location) with this you are protected as any one who is trying to hack your internet connection and trying to get this information does not get any because SSL means your information is taken over the secured server and you can always trust on these (Unless you get a notice of expired SSL certificate).

What are the locations you should avoid using credit card?
1. At an average restaurants.
2. At a petrol/gas station where they are served by staff.
3. Online Adult/Gambling sites.

Now if still you witness a new kind of fraud, which you believe that you are not responsible for, then you should always try to reach your credit card company.

How this resolves? They can easily verify from there end that the purchases have been done by you or not because every time you swipe your credit card there is a merchant and customer copy of the billing slip. The merchant slip is always submitted to the credit card company for later verification process/dispute processes if any.

So the company can easily verify the signature from merchant copy about your purchase. This cannot be implied in the online case.

Now you can be assured that how these simple methods can be applied or avoided to protect your credit card against any fraudulent transactions.

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