Criticize is the First Step to Success

People are here for criticize and they will do this for your every act and you need to be prepared for it whenever you work something new or different.

When we started unlimited hosting on Hosting – where you can get unlimited disk space and bandwidth and rest all is also unlimited. It was way back in 2006 when we started unlimited hosting.

People criticized so much – about this and whenever someone chat about this offer and need some more information – they criticized so much about the offer. Even when I posted the WTS threads on Webmaster forum – people made fun of me.

What They Said
How can you give unlimited disk space – when the disk has limited space – because every disk has the defined capacity? It was very hard to convenience them and sale the hosting.

But the Scene has Changed
Really now every other hosting has started giving the same kind of offer – and I don’t find those people – who criticized me at that time.

So, the moral of the story is stick with the plan if you are going right and not doing anything wrong – term it as if you are fair enough with your plan.

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