Explored the Unexplored You

Why am I compared with seniors – in knowledge and income – I don’t know but it happens – I am much younger but my father usually compares me with seniors those who are making an exceptional income.

I usually think they do have spend their whole life in making income and at the verge of their life’s they are making this kind of income and I have just started 6-years back – though I have gained experience but in terms of income comparison I am not above them – I am at par with them.

Why This Happens
I juggled quite a few times with this question and thought that my father is not happy with my work or me – that’s why he is not appreciating – but may be there are few other watchful things that may be also considered.

  1. May be I have under-explored my potential.
  2. May be I am not paying that much attention to my work that I have to pay.
  3. I am just sticking to the basics and not going pro.

This is usually self-assessment that I have to do in order to get rid of this unhappiness – and then only I will be able to make them happy.

This usually happens to all – and you need to talk with your elders and do some kind of self-assessment. This is much necessary in order to learn something.

You have to express yourself, your ideas to others that you are not moving slow – you are moving steady.

Moral of the story is explored the unexplored hidden talent in you – because everyone has something unique and that uniqueness is definitely a big success for anybody.

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