Its Not All In Your Head

Tension begins in the mind, but it gradually becomes a physical problem. Whenever you are worried or fearful, mentally or physically over-worked, or simply feeling harried, you pickup tension, which tightens your muscles. If the tension isn’t released, the next time you are under stress, you add another layer of tension. Your muscles tighten more and on it goes.

Tension and Stress
Tension is also caused by structural stress, which results from incorrect body use and poor postural habits. Just as it causes cracks in the walls of the building, structural stress causes aches and pains in our bodies. And tension is not just stored away in some corner of your head, as most of us assume. It can be stored anywhere in the body, but most people hold it in one area more than another.

You might store tension in your neck and shoulders. Some people hold tension mainly in the stomach or buttocks, others in the chest and others in the limbs or face. It can affect not only the outer, more visible muscles, but also the deeper, skeletal layers, causing stiffness.

Well, all that it means is that as you collect various tensions in your mind, your body reacts to them and stores them away. So over a period of time, you develop stooped shoulders, a pulled down face, or even a slow walk – there will always be some physical manifestation of your tension. That’s why people say, “Why are you so tense?” they can see it on your face and body language.

And if you have been tense for a while, it tells on your overall health. Tension is a silent killer; the body metabolism slows down when you are very tense, which means the food you have is not being digested properly. This leads to accumulation of fat, which can lead to high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and therefore heart problems.


Another common problem is acidity; which leads to ulcers. And don’t forget that if you don’t learn to relax, you may also become unattractive over time. Premature graying, wrinkling, dry skin, acne tension can lead to all these problems.

So, tension, we see, is injurious to health. Therefore tension is to be reduced and it can be by just simple planning and keeping targets simple.

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