Recover: Your Lost WordPress Password

Today I was surfing the Webmaster forums and a question came up to me. What can I do if I have lost my wordpress admin password?

The question looked interesting to me so I am writing on my blog. But most of you will say that there is a forgot password link so anyone can use that. Just think for a while if a person has lost his admin login too. I know you might be thinking how can this be possible, but it happens sometime.

Now the way I am suggesting you is very simple and everyone can use it. You need to have control panel access and phpMyAdmin access. Just follow the simple tutorial below and you can easily reset the password.

Simple Process to Reset the Password
Just login to the control panel of your website and follow this

  • Open phpMyAdmin and browse to the database.
  • Look for the wp_users table and browse.
  • In that you will see the list of users that have permission. Just select which you think might be admin login and edit that complete row.
  • After that you will come to the page where you will see the admin login name and password in the encrypted form, as you can’t make out from the encryption that what is the password. So use the encrypted password which is mentioned below and it will reset your password to 123456
  • Encrypted password to write: e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e

That’s it you password has been reset to 123456. Now you can easily login to the admin section of your wordpress blog and change the password to whatever you want.

My Suggestion
I would like to suggest you that if you cant store your sensitive information such as passwords and logins in the text file in your computer than you need to use Firefox as it stores password securely and without any leak.

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