What is Ethics?

I was reading a business dictionary and suddenly it strike my mind about the person about whom I have written about yesterday that how he cheated me.

So, a sudden thought came to mind to actually look for the word “ethics” in the business dictionary. Therefore I got this:

“Generally, the study of standards of conduct and morality. In practice, ethics is descriptive of the conduct one may expect from a reasonable person under normal circumstances. In addition, many trade groups have established code of ethics that address specific areas peculiar to their business or industry.”

You got the point what I am trying to convey you? Let me explain: if you are doing what is expected from you in the normal circumstances that is what ethics is. Right! As, the business dictionary states it.

To behave normally is what required when you are doing any kind of business, because your mood towards your customers set the mood of customers that they will deal with you or not. Being natural in your approach sometimes helps users or customers to your website.

Like if someone has asked you anything and you don’t have the answer for it then kindly don’t answer and tell that you don’t know the answer this is natural, but if you don’t know the answer yourself and trying to explain the other way round is not natural.


Also, there are some basic ethics for all business and if you follow the ethics of the business or niche you are doing business in you are likely to get successful. There is more possibility of extension to this topic so I think will cover it in other posts soon.

Also, don’t forget to visit this blog on Saturday because I will be disclosing the name of the person who scammed me. First day is over and he has not responded tomorrow is the last day. Still hoping for the best.

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