When to Use Pay-for-Inclusion Services

Pay for inclusion, pay per click, and all other types of fee-based services are widely debated in SEO circles. But of those, pay-for-inclusion services are probably the most controversial. Pay for inclusion is considered by some to be just this side of unethical, and it’s only just this side because it’s such a widely practiced strategy. However, there is a time for paid-inclusion services.

The thing to remember with paid inclusion is that unless you’re using it properly, you’re just wasting money. Because paid-inclusion services don’t guarantee your rank in search results, it’s not a strategy that you’ll want to use for all your search engine optimization. In truth, using paid inclusion for even most of your pages will result mostly in a loss of budget that would be better spent on more effective (or at least better guaranteed) SEO efforts.

The exception to this is when you’re using paid inclusion as a method of testing the placement of a web page based on your SEO efforts. For example, if you have a page on your web site for which you would like to improve the traffic, and you need to do it quickly, you could register for a paidinclusion service.


This would get your site listed very quickly in search results. And you can use this capability to view the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Then, if you find that your SEO efforts aren’t effective, you can tweak the page you’re paying to include until it reaches the level of search result rankings that you need. Once you’re at that level, you’ll know how to optimize other pages on your site for the same results.

Paid-inclusion services are generally inexpensive in relative terms. That makes them ideal services to help you develop a winning SEO strategy through testing. But to use paid inclusion for multiple pages on your site, you’ll probably have to spend a lot of money that would be better spent on more effective strategies (such as pay-per-click advertising).

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