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SEO Essentials and Methods to Achieve

Today every webmaster on the internet is talking about SEO. Have u ever though that what does this SEO do and what does this SEO have in it so its becoming famous day by day. Whether you are a game site or blog or portal or tech site etc. Every body needs SEO.
Now lets just explain you what is SEO? It’s called Search Engine Optimization. The next question comes to mind is what does this SEO do? Interesting question as every thing has a reason for existence. SEO exists so to attract the search engines.
With the help of SEO and SEO experts your website, portal etc can be instantly crawled by search engines giving you hits and visits that is every web-masters ask.
The SEO perhaps also has been categorized into more depth; the first being on page SEO, and ; second being the off page SEO. Meaning you have to optimize your site on both the ends. As both these are the main stream of the SEO work.
Now another question could just peep out from your mind how can be this done and what are the actual work behind these both the tags. So let me explain you.
The On Page SEO: Just match your keywords from the content of your website and write clear headers and anchor texts. This is the basic need for all website before proceeding to the next step you must ensure that this step has been completed successfully as most of the second part of SEO is govern by this only.
The On Page SEO also has more depth as to but this is just the basic introduction and the pro part is not covered in it.
The Off Page SEO: This is more tedious part and more confusing but interesting part. As in this you have to establish one way relevant links and back links. Directory Submissions, Article submissions, Forum Links and Buying Links from different website according to the page rank they have.
You just noticed a word Page Rank in the last line. Every web-master pays attention to that. As in today the higher Page Rank website has more reputation and in fact its true also. Page Rank is generated by the true content and your website is known by how many users. As Web-Hits can be generated by many other ways also but for the higher page rank you must have good content and unique content on your website.
Try some of the methods to instantly give a boost to your website’s page rank. This can be achieved with content and Directory Submissions. Directory submission can give you instant boost in web-hits as well and also will boost your unique hits ratio. You can try submitting your website to a rank higher than your page rank. This will make search engines hungry and they will crawl your website.
So it’s all about Web-Hits – Unique Hits – Page Rank and all the methods written here in can be used to SEO.
My Quote: SEO makes search engines hungry and they then eat (crawl) your web pages. So how you cook your food (how much good SEO you do) will lead to more hunger to search engines and they will eat (crawl) more.
Happy SEO!!

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  1. corey
    January 22, 2008 Reply

    I like what I see here

  2. infogle.com
    January 23, 2008 Reply

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Egor
    February 5, 2008 Reply

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  4. SEO Wanna Be
    November 4, 2009 Reply

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