Better Results with Google 2.0

Few days back Google announced that they are testing the new form of search that is “Google 2.0” – this version is in beta version and for testing purpose and it looking even better compare to normal Google search.

The 2.0 edge search technology is giving the search its best destination. The location to test the new Google 2.0 is:

The search results are now more accurate and are displayed in nice fashion more suitable for search users – who are sometime annoyed by the unethical results. If you want to read about the Google 2.0 search engine you can read it at:

Even the keyword “Infogle” is having a better listing displayed in Google 2.0 than in normal search have it done by you to see the difference – now even my site is given some preference of all the links that have been crawled.

I am really looking forward to it and would like to have this Google 2.0 to start soon.

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