Dedicated IP or Not – Affects SEO or Not

This has always been a big question among webmasters as they hunt for search ranking – that they should host their website on dedicated IP or shared IP.

In previous years it was considered a big fact about SEO that you should use dedicated IP – but as the traffic and websites increased with time – this fact has been officially erased from Google algorithm.

What This Means?
Now, you don’t require a dedicated IP for your website according to SEO updates. This duly means that if you are thinking about ranking on search engines then dedicated IP will not play any role – SEO is not concerned with; you have a dedicated IP or you are hosting your website on shared IP.

All is now controlled by content and backlinks.

Terms Changed
This is official by Google that they are not counting dedicated IP anymore as the IPs are less and one cannot rank according to the IP.

The scene is different if we talk about C-Class IP. This is basically used for backlinking purpose. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting ranking with the use of IP – then you should give weightage to C-Class IP.

Thereby you should not even bother if you use dedicated IP or shared. Give stress to the backlinks and content – not even PR.

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