Doorway pages

Doorway pages are often confused with landing pages, but they are not even close in their functions. Landing pages are designed to be rich in content, and visitors usually come to these pages through PPC ads. Doorway pages, on the other hand, are created specifically for search engines with the intent of increasing search engine results rankings.

Doorway pages usually use some form of redirection so that when visitors click through the link in the search engine results and land on the page, they are immediately taken to another page. This is either accomplished with a fast Meta refresh, JavaScript, or server side redirection. The Meta refresh is a technique that is used less often now than in the past, because many search engines penalize websites that use such tactics.

In place of the Meta refresh, some web sites have found clever ways to trick visitors into clicking a link that leads them forward to the web site they’re being drawn to. There are also some web sites that have designed content-rich doorways, which are doorway pages that have some element of content included as well as a basic navigational structure that’s consistent with the rest of the web site. These pages, like other doorway pages, are still designed to draw high quantities of visitors.

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