Google Realtime is Now Over

Are you keen of searching the realtime results on Google? If yes then this news is surely for you – because Google Realtime is now over.

About Google Realtime
It was a tool for search engine results that displayed results in realtime – in other words what is trending currently.

It was in conjunction with twitter – Google Realtime actually displayed the trending results of twitter in their search. It was made available to Google in 2009 with an agreement between Google and Twitter.

Since, agreement period got over and Google did not renew it – therefore Realtime results have been stopped.

This has come at the perfect time when Google has introduced Google+.

More News
According to Google sources – Google will re-launch Realtime by adding some more to it – specially their Google+ services.

If you see Google+ it is in direct competition with twitter – therefore Google is revamping its Realtime tool.

google realtime

If reports are to be believed then Google+ could kill twitter. But I do believe it’s too much to think at this stage – when we already have powerful social tools like Facebook and Twitter. Also, looking at the history of Google with social sites – this looks too shady statement.

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