Google’s New Service Caffeine

Now comes the caffeine era – Google has introduced the new service and in fact this is the kind of service, which could really change the way people search and search results are displayed.

Caffeine’s Working
Very simple and straightforward working – if you analyze the working; caffeine does mean the instant boost. The same thing happens to the search results on Google with this new implementation to search index – you will see the new results faster.

This does mean that people searching for something will be presented with the newer result first and then on the following pages they will see the old results. Also, in the SEO terms this means a lot and new efforts needed to be put in.

As people do optimize their keywords for landing pages and then forget to update the page – now with caffeine into place – they might get a setback.

Simple Logic
In short; Google caffeine work on very simple logic and that is – if you are fresh you will be getting listed faster – and all those people who like to tweak the SEO now cannot play with it.

This was does required as the content is increasing day-by-day and with the introduction of blogs – people are writing millions of contents per day. Previously, we were searching Google’s old index and with caffeine it will be like searching the live World Wide Web.

Alarming situation for many – so stay tuned for some more posts on how to make things work with Google caffeine.

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