How it happens in SEO

This is a juicy work for buyers who subscribe for the search engine optimization plans and for seller who sells search engine plans is a lot of work.

I am not describing about the easiness or difficulty of the work I will be pointing out to something that how it all happens in SEO.

What Happens
People who opt for SEO plans they start looking in the search engines for their website ranking almost instantly and I have written on this blog 100times that no SEO plan is a switch on or switch off kind off. Every SEO plan has its own course of action time.

You can’t have anything before that and it may take some more time.

Question in Concern
Also, the point I am trying to convey in this particular post is SEO does not change any structure of your website. If in particular your SEO company is not taking the logins of your website and they are online doing “Off Page SEO”.

As in “Off Page SEO” nothing is changed on your website it is just that SEO company popularizes your website or blog on Internet and providing relevant links to your website or blog.

If some listing structure of your website is changed that might be due to the recent changes made to your website by you or your hosting company. As “Off Page SEO” do not touch your page.


Also To Take Care
You should also take care of your structure of your website. Because from my recent experiences I have noticed that in an “Off Page SEO” plan if you change the structure of your website and at the SEO has been done with the pervious structure then you might not get SEO results.

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