How Many Keywords Per Page

You might have included keywords in the page – and some of you might have over-stuffed the page with the amount of keywords that are basically needed.

This may happen due to some desperate acts of having better SEO and ranking – nothing bad in it every body has at some step done this kind of act.

SEO Nature
There should be a limit in everything you do for SEO – understand one thing – SEO does not happens overnight or your ranking cannot be improved overnight. Therefore keeping these points in mind – you should start using the keywords in any of your page.

A maximum of 4-keywords is the universal phenomena for better SEO – because over-stuffed keywords in a page might confuse the search bots and you might be ranking for those keywords, which you are not required to.

This can also be true and I know someone can ask this question – Why not use other set of 4-keywords in other article?

Very simple answer again would be you don’t want to confuse the search bots – because they will take your first 4-keywords into consideration and if you use other set of keywords in other articles – so they might not rank you for any of the keywords.

Do Google the amount of competition you are having on the keywords you are about to use – then only plan to use the set of keywords. It is not the way that the keyword having more competition should not be used.

They can be used with some other kind of SEO trick to rank better. I will cover that in future blog posts. Want to have done your SEO visit – The SEO Infogle.

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