Instantly Notify Changes to Search Engines

This is one of buzzing questions among the Webmaster community – that if they change their content information or link information – will this affect their rankings – and how to do without damaging the ranking results.

Tried and Tested Way
I also got worried when I had to change some link system – or simply the title of something in my blog – even for the small changes I used to be worried so much – then the easy way came.

I implemented the XML sitemaps to my blog – this erased all the issues – what does these XML sitemaps do? These sitemaps are a dose of instant notification to search engines and it is almost instantly reflected in the search engines results.

If you are worried about changing your web page extension from “.htm” to “.html” then you should use these XML sitemaps to instantly notify the search engines and this will result in no-harm to your search engine ranking.

For This
You need to register to some of the analytics or Webmaster sections of search engines in order to get your XML sitemap submitted. There is no issue in finding all this – visit the respective search engines all have these information.

Though this method is quite fast and almost instant – and changes are notified to search engines but you need to make sure you already have an active sitemap submitted to search engine – so it will pick the changes quickly.

To be frank, I have not yet tried this on any major changes to my website – but I am sure it will work smooth.

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