Market Your Site – Not Just Do SEO

When it comes to optimization or anything related to marketing – the first thing that strikes to webmaster’s mind is to do SEO – I don’t know what is the myth behind it – but people take it so much – we webmasters are forgetting other methods to marketing and only trying to move as others in the herd.

The basics of marketing says that – you should a kind of marketing where your voice is heard – and most importantly in my view the marketing is all about creating a necessity product or making a necessity for that product.

My view is that do a kind of marketing in which – you are reached in front of your users – not that users search for you. Both the methods have some work to do and both work great.

But as I said that people are just looking for SEO and not remembering other means of marketing – the other means of marketing is good enough – SEO is for search engines – but as soon as your made product sells – why do one need to do SEO or any other optimization.

Marketing Matters
The other kind of marketing – which you might have literally forgotten about, is classified placement. Place the free classifieds there are thousands of websites, which can be used for it.

This method would bring in sales and also create a good buzz about your website – on the other hand – if you see seriously in search results – there are many websites that came in search results from classified websites.

In other way, the site gets automatically optimized for a certain keyword – as it falls in results for that particular keyword.

This is the simplest and yet effective means of marketing your website/product – as it demands less and produces decent results. I urge that I did not wanted to say to rule out the SEO thing, but just keep some simple methods in mind – when you are going to pro level.

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