Obvious Reasons Your Content Not Crawled

We all struggle with content crawling on Google but other search engines take things more easily and crawl content more easily – as they have different search structure as compared to Google pioneer in search results.

Many times this may have happened to you – that Google does not crawl your content quickly even rest of your content is crawled fine – and there may be chances that if you have written for example 10 posts – so 1-6 are crawled – but 7th post is not crawled and then rest all are crawled.

I have drawn some basic conclusions just match it to your situation.

Conclusion 1
You must have re-written your content and there may be chance that you have not re-written your content fine and it fairly matches with the original.

Conclusion 2
There may be some gap in the post frequency – so that when Google bot arrives it still finds the old crawled content so after returning empty handed many times – your site/blog may have been in the backlist.

Conclusion 3
There is no conclusion 3 and only the above two mentioned conclusions could be of conflict to your content not being crawled.

Therefore, do not unnecessary look for any help or suggestion and try to work on these two – you will definitely see a positive result.

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