On Page SEO – Added Advantage Tip

For the SEO people – on page seo is not a new thing – I mean at the beginning of search engine optimization – all start with on page seo and then proceed to further – as because if you score in on page seo it provides a great help.

Now, the thing I am explaining is not actually called as on page seo –it is rather related to the linking part – but one can include it in the on page seo too.

Added Advantage
You must have written some content in your website and if you are keen about seo – you might have included the right keywords related to your website in your articles.

Now, choose the right keyword related to your website and link to the other article in your website – inter-link your article with right keywords. Just to mention – make sure that you link the keyword that pertains to that article.

This trick will naturally add up to boost your website.

Just elaborating this tip a bit more – and try it – watch the meta-tags for your website and pick the same keywords first or do the vice-versa of adding the keywords to your meta-tags. These are the same keywords which you have used in for interlinking your website articles.

This do provides a firm base for your search engine optimization efforts. Also, this can be the first step for search engine to recognize your website keywords too.

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