Page Rank Gets Crazy

I have written quite a bit about page rank and its working and know that how much people are worried about getting the good page rank – I don’t know the reason behind it but people are just so curious to get higher page rank.

But recently a good friend of mine confused me with his question and I have been researching for the answer but not found one. The question was, “how page rank works?” as he was having the domain which was only hosted and not parked with no content from last 2 years and accidentally he checked the PR of that particular domain and it was PR2 – so he bounced me this question that how it works?

But I was speechless because didn’t know the answer of this basic question – because as far as I know PR works on the backlinks and as your backlinks increases then only the PR increases and vice-versa.

As the domain did not had one backlink and then also Google gave it a PR2 strange but good for him. I don’t intend to write the name of the domain because google might play the other way round.

If you somehow know the answer then please place you comment and let me gain some knowledge – as I think I am lacking some.

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