Simple SEO Methods for Traffic

For doing seo it’s not just that you have to follow traditional SEO guidelines – but there are far more in-depth SEO tricks which you can easily apply to highlight your website/blog up in the search result.

What To Do
Other than the traditional SEO methods of submitting your website name to n-number of places you can always try the YouTube method.

If you say you don’t have resources to create a nice video for your site niche – then you can just try out the simple ways – you can create some banners and put them in the format and with your voice only you can explain things. This is by far the simple way to create video feed for your website/blog.

What’s Next?
Nothing much – rest depend on the kind of stuff you have put in – if you have put in really nice information you will have views and chances are that your video feed will be displayed in the Google search for that particular keyword.

Therefore, it is again a kind of optimization that you are doing in order to pull some traffic for your website/blog.

This is one of the easiest of methods because it guarantees you to get two-way traffic – one from the video that you submitted to YouTube and second from the search engine listing – but you need to be sure that the content you have shared with users much be of some worth in order to reap these benefits.

These simples SEO tricks can really benefit and sometimes may outgrow the traditional SEO results.

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