Social Bookmaking Will Take You No Where

Google has changed much with the every update in the search algorithm. Now, its even more difficult for SEO people to do optimization for any website.

Previous people were taking it too easy to do any SEO for the website – Just make some social bookmarking entries and Google will mark the website as Good backlinks and will increase the ranking.

Times and Algorithm Changed
Google has changed every piece of algorithm, which was pointing to rating of bookmarking backlinks. People who are still doing and paying people to do social bookmarking can really stop immediately.

Since, this would be negative optimization for your website. We have tested it all and then came up with this review.

Reason for This
Many people are doing bookmarking and just for the sake of gaining backlinks and this is given rise to nothing but a whole bunch of backlinks which are nothing but just for the sake of optimization.

As, People were submitting same information again and again to same top PR bookmarking sites that this would obvious be looked up as spam.

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