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When it comes to SEO – Infogle SEO section not only provides you various services within your reach but also some of the value services – which are good for seo. Social bookmarking on the other hand not only creates buzz but also optimizes your keyword strength.

New Social Bookmarking Plans
We have thought before giving out this value plan, which will fall in reach of all customers whether it’s pro or new. We felt the need of social bookmarking because of its growing demand – and as you must be knowing we didn’t had the separate social bookmarking plan – it was included in the SEO package. But now you can individually get the social bookmarking done and that’s also with the prices that you might not have thought off.

To keep it simple we are now giving two plans – can be customized according to needs:
Plan 1: 100 Social bookmarks for $15
Plan 2: 150 Social bookmarks for $20

You will get a proper report of submission in excel sheet and the task would be completed within 5-7 days.

For Subscription
You can always write to us at info[@] or else you can visit the Infogle SEO Section for Social Bookmarking Service for subscribing to this plan. The following information is needed to send when you subscribe.
Website Title:
Website URL:

That’s it and your work will be done. Isn’t it easy and very low priced job?

I know there is not much to describe about this but if you need something you want to know more that is not mentioned here then do post your comment and I will get back to you as early as possible.

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