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Whenever you think about doing SEO for your blog – you do think of various sources – but I don’t think the thing I am going to write about has been widely discussed yet.

For blogging success what do you actually need a lot of subscribers – so before going for any kind of optimization method – think about raising traffic and subscribers to your blog.

Feed Submission
This is the form of SEO that mainly suit your blog and blogging career – it not only enhances the blog traffic but it also raises the trust level of your blog.

Now what is feed submission: there are sites similar to social bookmarking which takes on feeds from sites for submission – It does have a submit button where you can submit your blog feed – just as you do directory submission or social bookmarking.

Why it has sense
This is the easiest way for you to keep people updated with your blog feed – its like submitting sitemap or XML map to google and it comes crawling – as feed gets automatic updated – whenever there is a new submission – so your submitted sites on the feed submission sites also gets updated.

Till you have finished some writing on your blog – and before going for SEO submission try this form of SEO with your feed – you will definitely see a boost in your traffic and subscribers.

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