Trick to Increase Your Keyword Density

Everyone is trying to get higher rankings in the search engines. Here’s a way you can easily increase your keyword density. It is a tactic often overlooked by many.

Turn your images into keywords: The search engines do not index images. They are useless in helping you get a higher ranking. But there is a way to make them work for you and actually turn them into keywords. You can do this by use of the ‘alt’ tag. every image on your page should have an ‘alt’ tag. You have probably seen the results of alt tags on many websites when you move your mouse over an image and you see some text pop up describing the image, it may just be the name of the image. Using your keywords in the ‘alt’ tag is another accepted way to get your keywords into the body of the page.

Here is how an alt tag should look:

<IMG src=”my image.gif” Alt=”make money, business opportunity, cashflow, online marketing, make more money” height=100 width=500>

In many cases this can help improve your search engine ranking, so by all means, take advantage of this technique

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