Use of Image in SEO

What we miss sometimes is makes a lot of confusion – it happens. As for me, I was reading an article in webmaster forum about marketing and the other person wrote – how to go about marketing on ebay – which I really forgot – it skipped from my mind completely.

As for SEO it’s the most and people often like to follow what they have been following for years and don’t like to change – I can’t figure out the reason – but it’s happening. Also, some miss the basics of SEO – and today I remembered one that is by far necessary and can draw easy traffic to your site.

We all put images in our website – and most people just throw their images on to FTP as they are junks – and ignore the potentials that can commensurate the hardcore SEO.

Whenever you put images on your website – do give the name to them – and use the exact name which it is used for – like you are having a man with chunks of money in hand – so rename the images as “man-chunks-money” with whatever extension of the image you want to use – as the extension is not much necessary till now.

This renaming would reserve a spot for you in image search and whenever anybody makes the search with the keywords that is related to your image name – your hosted image will be displayed in the search – and you will receive a click for it.

Therefore, SEO is deep and it’s far more related to common sense and how much better you can extract from your resources.

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