Uses of Alexa Features

We all know about the and its website ranking stuff – we all look forward to the updates that alexa provides on daily basis to know the approx ranking of our site – I have used the word approx because some people don’t believe in the alexa ranking tool.

But I do believe in it!

Now, seeing to the recent positive updates on features with alexa ranking tool it has become a great resource to rate your websites position on the World Wide Web. And there is this one feature which I think can easily turn your website on if you keenly follow.

The Feature
When you see the rank of any website there in the tab it’s a link called “Audience” – this feature enables to view the site audience from where they are coming from – whether they are male or female, their age group, the location they are accessing your site from.

These few details can really excel your website niche – as you know your target audience and try to work on your website or blog according to that – surely this will also boost your ranking – as if you include the favorable stuff for the precise users.

Depending on the geographical representation by alexa you could aim your target users and present the stuff that interests well to them.

Also, in alexa you could view that which of your content is people visiting most and through which search keyword – as alexa works standalone so you don’t have to embed any code to view these findings.

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