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When it comes to designing a website – a particular designer gives the whole lot of things and makes site look wonderful to human eye and his client and on the other hand makes some trick to reduce the work for himself – nothing harm in it every one does the same.

But when the client is required to have SEO version of his website it becomes difficult for the designer to take this into consideration. Therefore there are few options available, which can be looked if you are a designer or if you are the client who gives contract to design the site.

Things To Watch
When you are keen about getting the SEO version of your site then you need to take care of some basic things – you don’t have to be genius in programming languages but you need to take care of few things.

  1. Meta tags should be there – as when it’s a static site with no updates at all in very near future it is always good to have Meta-tags to give a defining statement of your website in search.
  2. No iFrames – even if you don’t know programming or HTML just view the source code of webpage by right clicking on it and search for iframe and if its there – remove it. iFrames are the real killer for the website in terms of SEO.
  3. Keep a Check – that the individual pages should have individual URLs. Best in terms of SEO.

There are few more things to watch but for the initial work you need to keep a check on these three only.

Only think logically and you will come to know what is going wrong with your website. Also don’t forget to ask for creating sitemap for Google and submitting your site to Google.

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